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The name Le Kochi derives from the French word β€˜Le’ which means β€˜the’ and Kochi which is a city in Kerala also known as the β€œQueen Of Arabian sea.”
Since our modest beginnings in 2016, Le Kochi situated in Toronto, Canada has enlivened with the energy to provide solid South Indian food filled with authentic flavours of Kerala even reaching North Indian aromatic flavours as well.
In comparison to other Indian eateries, Le Kochi was established with the explicit expectation to appear as something unique – the South meets North Indian in Brampton and surrounding areas. Our cuisine ranges from vegetarian and non-vegetarian, not only limited to main dishes, snacks, light meals, dessert and drinks that are very popular. We do not make any compromises in serving quality food thus offering the finest authentic experience. Le Kochi and it’s affiliates are under the umbrella of NHE Group Ltd.

We had such a great time and our server was more than wonderful.Great food especially the big bread you get upon seating. Gotta love the chicken perratiyathu. Ambiance and serving was great.Wonderful experience. Our server was great.Very nice place! I like the vibes! The food was outstanding and the service was fantastic. I plan to return soon.

Zandra Mariam

Food and service was great! The best steak I've ever had, and therefore worth it.Celebrated a birthday they are last night. Everything was wonderful and the service was what you would expect.Perfect experience! Excellent service, great meal and drinks.

Martin Jithin

awesome crew and food, really loved the hospitality and enthusiastic place just mindblowing. Really loved the special non veg thali πŸ’ž one of my favourite ❀️ I do recommend you to Lekochi πŸ§†πŸ₯™πŸ₯˜πŸ’– best ever for non veg Thali πŸ’–

Nithin Mehara
tasty and crunchy

Our Menu

$ 12.99

Chicken Simmered In Coconut Milk And Kerala Spices

$ 12.99

It’s a heavy dish , the flavours from curry and plantain leaf, the porrotta soaks up the gravy and gives an ultimate taste.

$ 12.99

Kerala Dish made using boiled tapioca, coconut paste, onion, red chillies, curry leaves ,different spices added with beef.

$ 16.99

Marinated fish cooked in banana leaf wrap.

$ 14.99

A perfect combo of ripe and raw mangoes, coconut and ginger.

$ 14.99

Fried Beef In A Mixture Of Spices, Onions, And Curry Leaves

$ 14.99

Slow Roasted Beef In A Spicy Masala With Coconut Tidbits And Curry Leaves

$ 12.99

Smashed chicken flavoured with dry chilly and pepper.

Lunch Special Veg Thali

Dal or sambar. vegetables: a seasonal preparation. chutney: a condiment made with fruit, herbs, spices, and even vegetables.

Non veg thali

Starting from the top, clockwise: this thali consists of chicken curry, aloo gobi, dal fry, roti, carrot halwa, boondi raita, and rice (placed in the centre).

FIsh fry

Fish fry masala or masala fish is a mouth-watering and very tempting fried fish recipe made using fresh fish pieces

Chicken fry

Onions, green chilies, garam masala powder, ginger-garlic paste added with chicken pieces.

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